The Waterfowl Company Pro staff

Pro staffing is an important factor in growing a brand to benefit the company and its customers. We need feedback to help our company offer the most unique products on the market. We specialize in duck calls, goose calls, decoy rigs, and so much more.

We are looking for outdoorsmen & outdoorswomen interested in going the extra mile to help our company grow.

When you agree to become part of TWC’s Pro Staff, you are joining a team. We have a few requirements needed to be met to remain a part of the Pro Staff.

The TWC Pro Staff program is by application only and all members need to apply/re-qualify annually to continue membership. You are not guaranteed a membership and it can be revoked at any time.

TWC Pro Staff Requirements

What you can expect:



By filling out the application above, you agree that if accepted, you will abide by the details of the TWC Pro Staff Requirements.